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Why Us?

We help you get home field advantage

For a small investment, we are able to save you time, money and heartburn. Our goal is to get you running an award-winning IR division as quickly as possible. We help you set the foundation now so you can reap the benefit of being in control of your destiny. Think of it as having the home field advantage throughout the playoffs.


Four Hills

When companies do it themselves

Be Proactive

We give you all the tools to manage your IR efforts. This allows for a proactive approach to IR, which your Board of Directors, buy-side and sell-side will all love.

Because so many companies look at IR as 4 filings during the year, attending a few sell-side conferences, and holding an annual shareholder meeting they end up being very reactive in IR. When you are strictly reactive, you are more likely to handicap stock performance.

Vendor Selection

We have evaluated nearly 100 vendors. We can give you an unbiased look at any category and help you make a decision that best works for you and your budget.

IR vendor selection and management can be a huge distraction away from operating your business and your daily tasks.

Crisis Communications or Special Situations

We do not sell this as a separate service. We will have you equipped to handle extraordinary/unique events with confidence.

Its unique to you, thus you want comfort. Many companies get gun-shy when dealing with a special situation or event.

All-Star Cast

We annually review 100+ Annual Reports/10-K’s/Proxy Statements, we have reviewed 150+ IR websites across many industries, and we have reviewed at least 300 investor presentations. We can give you the best of the best.

Most companies do not have the time to review many examples other than competitive peers.

Our Goal Is To Exceed All Of Your Expectations. Always.

Why retain a smaller, up-and-coming firm as opposed to one of the bigger IR consulting shops?  Most importantly, we have been in your shoes.  Most folks at IR firms come from the sell-side or the buy-side.  Not many have run IR for a company and understand working with all levels of the organization to craft the story to be told publicly.  Even fewer were award winning.  We avoid generalities and use our significant experience and research on all IR topics for your benefit.


In addition, we strive for the highest levels of attention and responsiveness.  We are quick and nimble.  We limit our number of clients retained so that each current client gets the service level they expect.

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