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Our Firm

Four Hills Advisors was founded with one simple premise….


….a company can control its stock performance in the long term.  Think of it as a birthday cake.  Operational performance will always be the main driver of stock performance and serves as the cake itself.  Your level of IR investment (time and dollars) is what makes it special and is the icing and decoration.  These efforts make it sweeter, better, and stand out from the rest.  Without IR investment, you still can have cake, it just isn’t as good. 


We help you maximize the impact of your IR investment.  Smart investment in IR will also increase the confidence of the buy-side and the sell-side, which is key since investor perception ultimately drives valuation multiples.  We help you look at it through the eyes of the investor.  We demand regular collaboration that will maximize the quality of your investment and improve your investor relations strategy.  We are both your partners and colleagues. 

It is all about the people and our strong team of finance professionals are here to serve you.

Meet Our Leadership


Ken Cooper

Managing Director

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25 years of Wall Street, finance and business operations experience on your side.


Anthony (Tony) Gilkas

Managing Director

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Over 26 years of stock market and financial expertise for you to tap into.

Executive Team

Industry Expert Team


Jeff Huebschen

Senior Consultant


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Scott McKinney

Senior Consultant

(Specialty/Big Box Retail)

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Anne_Marie Megela

Senior Consultant

(Big Box Retail/Media)

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22 years of Wall Street, strategic and military experience to serve you.


Erik Nerhus

Senior Consultant


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Over 18 years of equity trading and IR experience at your fingertips.

Over 17 years of corporate finance, investor relations, M&A and capital markets experience, including turnaround and restructuring transactions.


Bill Seymour

Senior Consultant

(Big Box Retail/Telecom/Industrial)

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Over 22 years of business and global multi-sector Investor Relations experience.


J. Jeffrey Warren

Senior Consultant

(Medical Device/Healthcare)

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Over 26 years of financial, IR and business experience for you to leverage.

Sharing 25+ years of extensive IR and Corporate Finance experience with you.


Paul Swinand

Senior Consultant

(Specialty Retail/Active Lifestyle)

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Over 23 years of finance and consulting, including sell-side analyst experience.

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