Our Process, Products & Services

We take guess work out of Wall Street. We enable you to control your destiny. We help you craft a transparent, bullet-proof Story that showcases your investment attributes to investors and keeps you poised to pounce on debt or equity capital raising opportunities.

We start with our Proprietary Situational Assessment, which is prepared collaboratively.

With your overall objectives clarified, we work with you based on your individual company needs.

Here is a representative sample of services and products we provide.

We manage the most comprehensive IR resource database on the Street. It includes benchmarking, white papers, templates, examples and everything else you may need. Check it out at irbarn.com.

Private Companies

Think and act like a public company NOW

Annual Shareholder Meeting – give confidence to your current investors with the state of the state

Due Diligence and War Room Prep – always be ready to access capital


Road Show prep and execution

Disclosure Counsel – Full analysis of what you plan to disclose (or not disclose)

Investment Banking selection process

Investor Presentation preparation. Everyone has a slide deck. Do you tell the Story properly and effectively?

Develop your IR Strategy and Plan – don’t be naked on Wall Street. Determine, plan, strategy and budget.

Initial Q & A – be overly prepared for the initial firing line of questions

Sell-Side Management – how best to work with the sell-side so they are strong knowledge managers of your story.


Insourced or Outsourced IR

Traditional Services: script writing, SEC reporting review, press release review, perception studies

Top List of common Tricks/Keys/Commandments to help you deliver world class IR

Tool Chest – all the tools needed for an award winning IR division

Buy-Side Targeting

Know and understand all of your options for all IR vendor categories – then choose the one that works best for you.

Let’s Go Marketing! – how to get your story out there using non-deal roadshows, investor conferences, and your own targeting

Educate the Company – help the Board, Executive team, sr. mgmt. team and the entire employee base understand what it means to be a publicly-traded company.

Assistance in identifying candidates to manage IR

Public Companies

Insourced or Outsourced IR

Re-look at your IR Strategy and Plan. Give a shot of adrenaline to your IR efforts.

Traditional Services: script writing, SEC reporting review, press release review, perception studies

How are you tracking your investors? And how are you attracting new investors to the story?

Sell-Side management – use the sell-side to your advantage

Investor Presentation – does yours tell the Story it needs to?

Does your IR Website, Annual Report and 10-K work for you? Review, audit and improve.

Peer Group Financial and Stock Comprehensive Analysis

Strategies for short shops and activists

Design powerful Investor Days and Field Trips

Executive Media Training and Prep

Advise on Crisis and Unique News Items – Positive and Negative Prep

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